Space type                                                               Daily rate                 Weekly rate             Monthly rate             Yearly rate


Work Box Space

Private Office 8.5 sq. m ( fits 1 to 2 people)               N/A                            N/A                           N 200,000                 N 2,400,000

Private Office 16.5 sq. m ( fits 1 to 9 people)              N/A                            N/A                           N 400,000                 N 4,800,000

Co-working communal space                                    N 4,000                     N 15,000                  N 55,000                   N/A

Executive Offices                                                       N/A                             N/A                          N/A                            Price upon request


Lunch Box                              Work out of our cafe for the day. Minimum spend N 3000 on food and beverages.


Office Price includes: all service charge including high speed internet, security, cleaning, front desk, diesel, PHCN, use of conference room, use of kitchen and private phone booth, internal phone/intercom, each office comes with one desk and one chair. Should there be need for further furniture there will be a one off fee of N 50,000 for additional desk and chair.  Weekly and monthly co working members include use of lockers for overnight safety based on availability.

Excludes: 5% VAT and additional office services.        

Additional Office Services

Business Services                                         Monthly Prices             Prices for non tenants

  • Mail and Package handling                    N 10,000                     N 15,000
  • Telephone answering service                N 30,000                    N 50,000
  • Printing, copying services                      N 10,000                     N/A                                                                                                              

(up to 120 pages of black and white printing/copying and 10 pages of coloured printing)*        

  • Conference facilities additional hours   N 7,500 and                N 35,000  half a day N 60,000 full day

*Black and white print per page N 100 - Colour print per page N 150